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Barshots Nightlife Guide: How to avoid a hangover

How to avoid a hangover

So, you want to go out and have fun but you don’t want the dreaded hangover that usually follows. Obviously limiting how many drinks you down is the best prevention, but what about those nights with the college buddies who keep you out for more pops than you can handle? Following these simple tips you can minimize or eliminate the payback the next morning.

Before you go out be sure to eat some food. It will slow down your drinking and also the absorption of alcohol. Heading out on an empty stomach will cause the effects of alcohol to set in very quickly, and you will feel it the next day.

H2O, agua, liquid ice; water is the most important hangover prevention there is. Alcohol is diuretic; it causes you to expel more water than you take in. This dehydrates the body and causes most of the effects of a hangover. The key here is to drink as much water as you can before, during, and after you drink. Before bed slam down as many glasses of water as humanly possible and it will work wonders for you. Just be prepared to make a few trips to the bathroom during the night.

Another factor in hangover severity is congeners. Congeners are toxic chemicals created in the fermentation process, they cause headaches and sickness when consumed in excess. The amount of congeners varies widely in different kinds of liquor. Bourbon, whiskey, and other dark liquors have the most, while gin, vodka, and light liquors have the least. Bourbon has about 10 times the amount of congeners found in Vodka or Gin. Stick to the Gin and tonics for a clear head the next day.

The cheap stuff is cheap for a reason, stay with the top shelf or you’ll be sorry in the morning. Low quality beer and booze are less refined and contain more impurities for your liver to deal with. Slamming down Piels or Schlitz is fine when you’re in college and can spend the whole next day recovering, but try explaining the frantic “runs” to the bathroom to your boss.

Many recommend taking painkillers such as asprin and ibuprofen to get rid of the headache, be very careful doing this. Stomach irritation and even liver damage can occur when mixing alcohol with painkillers so you are better off riding out the headache and avoiding more severe problems.

Again, limiting your consumption is the only real hangover prevention, but when the going gets rough these simple steps can make a world of difference. Now try em out and amaze your friends when you go jogging at 8:00 on Saturday while everyone else it still in bed suffering.

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