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Barshots Nightlife Guide: About Barshots

About Barshots

Barshots was founded and launched in 1998 making it one of the world’s first online bar guides. Our community-driven focus and the ability of our visitors to add their favorite bars sets us apart from other sites where you’ll find only the largest bars or the bars willing to pay hefty advertising fees. This is the site built for bar goers by bar goers. Our goal is to have every bar on the planet from the smallest dive bar to the hottest nightclub.

Please email us at info@barshots.com if you have suggestions or comments and we encourage you to visit the Community page to add your favorite bar. Visit us again soon; there are many exciting features on the way and new bars being added every week.

Thanks for visiting Barshots and becoming part of our community!

The photographs and bar information on this site have been submitted by individual bar goers and while our staff strives to ensure the accuracy of all content, we can not guarantee that all of the information is accurate. Further, the opinions expressed in bar reviews are not necessarily those of the Barshots staff.
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